The Concert Chorus

Spring Concert 2011 6sm
Performance Experience Philosophy
Concerts, gigs, and other performing events are the end-result of countless classes, camps, and rehearsals. They help choristers advance musically and mature as young men while gaining an appreciation for other people and experiences. Public appearances also promote the Chorus, which in turn ensure the SFBC’s continued growth in the Bay Area. 

The Concert Chorus is the SFBC’s premiere performing ensemble and is composed of choristers who demonstrate vocal excellence, exceptional performance skills, and outstanding musicianship proficiency. Led by Artistic Director, Ian Robertson, the Concert Chorus is the level to which Training Chorus School singers aspire. Concert Chorus members typically range in age from 10 to 13. Most matriculate from the Chorus School. Concert Chorus members are expected to perform at all engagements in which the group is involved and are often invited to sing roles in the San Francisco Opera. Members perform numerous public, private, and civic concerts throughout the year. The rehearsal and performance schedule required for Concerts and their families is significant. Nonetheless, most choristers and their families are prepared for the commitment since they have already studied for many years. Concert Chorus members are required to attend summer overnight camp each year and tour internationally every other year. Positions for tour are not a guarantee, and Concerts must work hard to prove themselves worthy of touring.

Graduation from the Concert Chorus
Concert Chorus members are promoted to the Graduate Chorale to continue their choral studies when they enter the ninth grade or when their voices change.