Enrollment, Tuition Assistance/Financial Aid and Tuition/Fees

Online Registration and Enrollment Process

1. Enrollment / Re-Enrollment. A code will be given to you by email, mail or by phone. Emails from TADS may have the code embedded in your private setup link. Watch for an email from support@tads.com or noreply@tads.com
FAQ: https://www.mytads.com/mytads_ae_faq.html

2. If applicable apply for Financial Aid / Tuition Assistance.
FAQ: https://www.mytads.com/mytads_fa_faq.html

3. Agreement setup information is sent. Watch for an email from support @tads.com or noreply @tads.com that contains your tuition agreement and payment plan setup information.
FAQ: https://www.mytads.com/mytads_tm_faq.html

4. Final Step - Accept Agreement and submit to SFBC via TADS. Payments are made payable to "TADS" and either through the TADS website https://secure.tads.com, by phone 800-477-TADS (8237) or via mail to TADS, 1201 Hawthorne Ave., Ste 100, Minneapolis, MN 55403.
TADS TUITION MANAGMENT FAQ: https://www.mytads.com/mytads_tm_faq.html

More info about TADS and TADS log-ins: https://www.mytads.com
If you need assistance regarding your TADS account, please call the TADS Customer Service phone number, 1-800-477-8237 or e-mail support@tads.com.


Make Tuition, Camp and Tour Payments Online
All payments are made through TADS, the San Francisco Boys Chorus' tuition management service.


IMPORTANT DATES will be specified in your registration email and on the CharmsOffice SFBC Calendar.

Financial Assistance Information

Welcome to the Financial Assistance process at the San Francisco Boys Chorus.  It is our hope that all qualified choristers have the opportunity to attend SFBC and we hope to work with our families to provide assistance to those in need.

How to Apply

Families interested in applying for financial assistance are required to complete the on-line TADS application.  TADS financial assessment process provides the Financial Assistance Committee a comprehensive evaluation of the application. The application processing fee of $34 will be assessed by TADS.
TADS provides a worksheet to help in the process for gathering information for the application, please click on the "TADS FINANCIAL AID WORKSHEET" button below.
To begin the financial aid application process, click on the "TADS FINANCIAL AID APPLICATION" button below and follow the instructions to create an account.
Click here to apply at tads.com Haga click aquí para solicitar a tads.com
Click here to apply at tads.com Haga click aqui para la hoja de trabajo

Financial Assistance Calendar: Important Dates are specified in your registration email and the CharmsOffice SFBC calendar


If the application and supporting documents are received in a timely manner your financial assistance award will be determined soon after the deadline.  If the information is incomplete SFBC will not be able to make a determination at that time.
TADS Privacy Policy: http://www.tads.com/privacy-policy/

Should you have any questions, please email the Finance Office here.
You must still complete your REGISTRATION/ENROLLMENT by the due date and pay the registration fee.