Parent Organization

San Francisco Boys Chorus is a volunteer-driven organization and parent volunteers are essential to the success of SFBC. See the PARENT VOLUNTEERING more information about how you can help. The parents listed here have taken the lead in contributing their time and talent to the organization.
Parent Representative to the Board.

Kara Holtz

Other areas parents can support — Fundraising and Development

Aside from monitoring rehearsals, chaperoning an event, or serving on a committee, parents are asked to participate in SFBC fundraising activities throughout the year. The tuition and fees that parents pay cover 35% of the costs of the training the boys receive. For each boy singing in the Chorus, SFBC must raise more than $2,000 per boy in contributions. Parental participation in various fundraising campaigns during the year is essential to the financial health of SFBC. Only with the philanthropic support of parents and the broader Bay Area community can SFBC give our boys the best music education available, provide scholarships to those in need, and offer excellent and diverse performing opportunities.

Here are the ways that parents can participate in Chorus fundraising:
• contributing to the Annual Fund
• participating in the Benefit Drawing each Spring
• soliciting Gala Booster support or donations
• attending or helping with the Annual Gala
• registering for eScrip (

SFBC welcomes suggestions from parents about new fundraising opportunities. However, SFBC must review and approve in writing in advance any solicitation made on its behalf, other than appeals for the activities in the list above. Fundraising efforts must be consistent with the mission, values, and plans of SFBC. Additionally, fundraising must comply with SFBC’s tax-exempt status under the Internal Revenue Code, and with other pertinent laws and regulations. If you have suggestions or questions about fundraising, please contact Mark Denton, SFBC Development Counsel and/or Ilene Goldberg, Parent Representative to the Board.

Annual Fund

Each year, especially during the Fall and Winter, the Chorus conducts an Annual Fund Campaign. Parent participation is essential. Virtually all aspects of SFBC are touched by the Annual Fund; it supports critical needs such as financial assistance, campus facilities, faculty resources, and much, much more.

As you may be aware, many charitable foundations take into consideration family participation rates as a factor in their funding decisions. It is therefore vital that our goal of reaching 100% parent participation in the Annual Fund is a resounding success!

Benefit Drawing Campaign

Choristers are encouraged to participate in the annual parent-led Benefit Drawing, which allows Choristers to offset their own tuition, summer camp, and tour costs. After the first $100 in raffle ticket sales, fifty percent of every dollar in ticket sales turned in is credited to a chorister’s SFBC account. Credits will be applied first to any outstanding financial obligations to SFBC. Then, credits will be applied to the upcoming camp and tour. Remaining credits will be applied to tuition for the upcoming Chorus year. Choristers are encouraged to sell a minimum $200 in raffle tickets or may opt out of participation by remitting $200.

The Benefit Drawing is a principal source of income for the Chorus in two ways:
• It brings important general operating funds to the organization.
• It provides an important means for choristers to earn part (or all) of their tuition, camp, and touring expenses, and can offset the amount the Chorus needs to raise to support scholarships.
Choristers sell tickets for approximately three months each Spring. When the drawing is complete, a final accounting is shown on a monthly statement. Credits revert to the Chorus upon graduation or withdrawal from the Chorus. Parents and choristers are urged at the end of each annual campaign to return unused supplies and clipboards.